• #TheNewNormal

    EXPECTATION REALITY #TheNewNormal ……And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being. This is how I feel many Students will be finishing their essays on “How Covid19 Changed / Impacted our lives” in many of their exams for next few years. I am writing my blog after a really long time. Things had been on a roller-coaster for a while. With the start of the worst global health crisis in 100 years, the…

  • Miyeokguk (미역국) Mystery

    A cake is a must have for any birthday celebration right? but haven’t we all noticed Koreans eating Seaweed Soup on their birthdays? If you are a Korean drama/movie fan just like me it’s a guarantee that you’ve heard of Koreans preparing seaweed soups during birthday celebrations. Koreans usually greet someone on their birthdays by asking “Have you had miyeok-guk?” Eating seaweed soup on birthdays holds a special place in the heart of most Koreans. My husband totally hates seaweed soup. I being …

  • My birthday with MY KOYA

    I am so happy today not just because its my Birthday but because of this lovely toon pannel where my husband in Koya suit is so damn adoreable! I really hope that my husbad does this in real life which is next to impossible but I really thank the Artist for making this possible in my Blog though! Also this blog is special as I finally am able to express my experience about Kpop while I was in Korea and this one is specifically on BTS. BTS is a global megahit. There’s no doubt in it whatsoever. …

  • Two years of Togetherness - 2nd Wedding Anniversary

    Its our Anniversary! So here is a throwback to our married life! Let me know how you feel about it in the comment section below!!



    CHUSEOK translates to "autumn eve" also known as Korean Thanksgiving day, is a harvest moon festival nodding back to Korea's traditional agrarian roots. Like any good holiday, Chuseok's three-day period is family time, traditional games, and of course, good, glorious food. I have such amazing memories from my first Chuseok. Last year, even though I couldn’t help much, I enjoyed knowing so much about this festival and also watching my Sister in Law thread meat, scallion, and imitation crab pie…

  • DATING IN KOREA - Everything you want to know

    DATING IN KOREA– EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW Dating in South Korea is a popular topic these days since Korea has started to become more mainstream. I get asked a lot about my experience in Korea and specifically about “dating in South Korea”. I’m writing this because over my time as an international couple in Korea, I’ve accumulated an inbox of similar questions and I want to answer the questions in detail which is purely based on my experiences and observations. As per my personal experience, M…


    Marvel has a very big fan base. Not everyone is a Marvel fan. Neither am I, however now that the Marvel Series ended I wanted to dedicate this blog to my husband who is a very big Marvel Fan! I have just watched the last 2 movies of Marvel Series while my husband never gets enough of any Marvel Movie. Actually, I am still not fully aware of all the movies of Marvel universe. Though I have heard about them from my friends as they sometimes cant stop talking about Marvel. But not being a fan doesn…


    Finally my answer for all those who have been asking me when is the right time to visit Korea...Keep reading and find it out...right now!


    This one is really special to me as I have talked about my favourite thing...food which also includes my favourite cuisine. Dont miss to check the amazing reaction of my #koreanhusband reacting to my favourite Indian Food!


    I know this post is coming up after a very long gap, because we have a lot of things going on..however, I wouldn't miss a chance to make my hubby feel special on this very special day!

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